I am writing to complain about "low balling" by Coral Springs Honda which had a I2009 Honda Civic advertised for $9999 on cars.com Icontacted the dealer directly to inquire about any additional fees charged for the vehicle and was only told about a $648 dealer fee. I ended up driving nearly an hour to see the vehicle, only to find out that there was an additional charge for the "Certification" of the vehicle of nearly $1300.

So the sales price was not as advertised of $9999 on cars.com but instead was around $12200. I feel this was deceptive advertising by the dealership and cars.com for not accurately depicting the real price up front.

I ended up spending 3+ hours of my time to check out a vehicle that I thought was within my budget, only to find out it was not. Shame on Coral Springs Honda and for cars.com for not be accurately depicting the true selling price.

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